No More Guesswork. No More Wondering What They Should Be Doing.

We’ve Got All That Covered For You.

Program Levels

Track: Marketing Action Plan Module AND A New Website
90 Days
Description: Kick the tires with Marketing Manager Mentor to see what it’s like for your Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Manager to receive mentoring on the most critical elements of marketing strategy. Within 90 days, they’ll develop a Marketing Action Plan that guides the organization’s marketing-related projects and growth.

As a result of their learning in this module alone, you will be able to:

  • Attract clients that are ideal for you
  • Stand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant
  • Know confidently what to do and what not to do on the marketing front
  • Command a premium from clients to work with you
  • Identify the most profitable ways to attract new business

If that wasn’t enough? We’ll add a new website within those same 90 days on top of it to sweeten the deal.

Track: Four Modules AND A New Website
1 year
Description: Our most popular program for a reason, the Marketing Manager Mentor program delivers four core tracks of intensive marketing training for the next 12 months for your Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Manager, including:

  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Foundations
  • Lead Generation
  • Growth

Add the development of a new website on top of it and this complete training package can’t be beaten.

Track: Four Modules, A New Website And Marketing Services
Timeframe: 1 year

Description: You don’t just need marketing training. You don’t just need a new website. You need a full-on Fractional CMO to take the reins of your marketing and install a proven marketing system that transforms your business from top to bottom.

That’s in addition to a full year of training for your Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Manager.

This is what the robust and powerful My Fractional CMO option can supply you. Drawing from the renowned Duct Tape Marketing System, Dan Gershenson of Caliber Brand Strategy + Content Marketing will guide your firm on the path forward:


All the training. All the web development. All the strategy. All the tactical execution of an array of content marketing services at outstanding, agency-level quality. All orchestrated by the guiding hand of your new Fractional CMO. And yes, it’s more affordable than you think.

Talk to us about My Fractional CMO and how you can have it all from one resource, which gets the job done beautifully.

Why Choose Us

Rapid Learning

Real-world ready training in months not years.

Proven Technique

Learn the marketing system responsible for the success of thousands of small businesses.

One on One

Have an accomplished Chief Marketing Officer as your mentor.

More Valuable

Contribution from your marketing manager becomes more valuable to your business growth.