The Training Program To Help The Next Generation

Take On More In The Marketing Department.

Especially Since You Don’t Have A Marketing Department.

 “My son is ready to come work for me as a Marketing Manager. Frankly, I’m nervous. I want to get this right the first time so he’ll want to grow his career with our company. I need a Marketing Manager Mentor to help me train him on the right path for Marketing and our goals, so I know he’s being onboarded in the very best way.”

Who Is This Right For?

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Marketing Manager Mentor is ideal for four kinds of situations:

  1. You want to hire a Marketing Manager or Marketing Coordinator
  2. You want to level up your current Marketing Manager or Marketing Coordinator
  3. You are committed to personal development for your team
  4. As a business owner, you want more clarity and control over your marketing

Marketing Manager Mentor is it NOT good for?

  1. You have someone who doesn’t want to do the work and think they know everything
  2. You won’t be available for any check-in meetings or to review reports
  3. You want to keep a family member occupied and don’t really care about their growth
  4. You think this person may not stay within a marketing function in your company beyond the next 6 months

It’s particularly significant if yours is a family business in one of the following industries:



Staffing and Recruiting



Healthcare / Medical

You get the idea. If you’re not all in and the person we’re going to mentor isn’t all in, this is NOT the program for you or them. It takes dedication to get the most out of Marketing Manager Mentor and all parties have got to bring it before Day 1. With passion, enthusiasm and accessibility. If you see your Marketing Manager or Marketing Coordinator as a long-term investment worthy of elevating their skill set, that’s all we need to hear. You in? Let’s go.