Marketing your business is a full-time job in itself, and it’s one part of the business that many people often let fall by the wayside. Hiring a Marketing Coordinator can take the burden out of your hands. 

Here’s a guide to help you find, interview, and activate a marketing coordinator.

The ideal Marketing Coordinator can:

  • Create content for publishing on your blog
  • Manage and engage with social media accounts
  • Write newsletters to send out to your list
  • Design collateral and assets for social media
  • Write landing page copy to support promotional campaigns

Where to find great Marketing Coordinator hires

Luckily, there are many places where marketers hang out. Social media, networking sites, job boards—since most marketers have an online presence, there are a lot of places you can look to find talent. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you made a job posting about the position you’re hiring for?
    The first step to hiring someone to add to your marketing team is to create a job listing of what you’re looking for including what this person’s responsibilities are and what the requirements of the job entail.  
  • Have you posted your job description in various social groups?
    Marketers (usually) have an online presence. Try to meet them where they hang out. Join marketing freelancer Facebook groups. There are many Facebook groups that are made up of people with specific skill sets (e.g. Content Marketers, The Copywriter Club, Remote Marketing Jobs). People often add posts about jobs to groups, and these kinds of posts typically get a ton of engagement.
  • Have you posted your job description on LinkedIn?
    With LinkedIn being the largest professional social network, it’s a great place to look for candidates. You can post your job there as well as a source for candidates based on their title.
  • Have you used major job boards to showcase your job listing?
    Larger job boards like Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Monster have a plethora of candidates with all levels of experience. There are also marketing job boards you can check out like VentureBeat, CrunchBoard, or Mashable.

Skills to look for in a Marketing Coordinator

Use this checklist during the interview to decide the best fit for your organization.

  • The candidate has writing experience and skills.
    They are a strong writer and have experience writing copy for promotional campaigns, landing pages, sales pages, and social media posts.
  • The candidate has project management experience.
    They are able to talk about projects they’ve led, challenges they’ve faced, and deadlines they’ve met.
  • The candidate has analytical skills.
    They should be able to understand and leverage data to guide marketing decisions and the overall strategy.
  • The candidate has solid research skills.
    They need solid research skills to keep up with new trends in the industry as it relates to your business’ target audience.
  • The candidate has knowledge of various channels and knows how to implement tactics across each of them.
    They’re a versatile marketer. They understand that the customer journey isn’t linear. They should know how to implement marketing tactics and strategies across all marketing channels: email, social, paid, SEO, and content.
  • The candidate demonstrates creative thinking.
    They give you examples of times that they’ve used out-of-the-box thinking to ideate and develop strategies on how to drive growth for businesses.

Examples of questions you can ask in an interview

  1. What’s an example of a lead-generating campaign you’d be excited to work on here?
    This question gives the candidate an opportunity for on-the-spot brainstorming. It highlights what they know about your company and if they did any interview prep prior.
  2. What are some examples of ways you could reach more people through social media? 
    This question helps bring to light the candidates’ creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Pay attention to whether or not they give you a thoughtful and detailed answer.
  3. Describe a marketing campaign you worked on that failed. What happened and what did you learn from the experience.
    How a person responds when the going gets tough or when they’re caught in a difficult situation is important. This question hones in on how they handle those situations. 

Steps to quickly onboard your new Marketing Coordinator

Get your Marketing Coordinator up to speed and productive quickly by doing these things:

  • Give them access to your marketing accounts, tools and programs
    You want to be able to manage the tasks and projects your coordinator is working on. Giving them access to the accounts, programs, and tools your team uses is important for transparency and accountability.
  • Integrate them with your team
    Most people work best where they feel ‘part of the team’. They’ll communicate better with you and your team. This is especially important for marketing roles where collaboration is key.
  • Get them to interview a few of your best customers
    A quick way for your new team member to learn about your business quickly is to learn directly from your audience and have them interview your customers.

Two things are almost always in short supply for small business owners: time and money. Is it worth it to spend money on a Marketing Coordinator if it frees up your time and contributes to the growth of your business? The answer is most likely yes. 

But one of the major reasons small business owners don’t hire internal marketers is because they don’t know how to find and hire the right person, how to get someone up to speed successfully, or what they should even be working on and when. 

We set out on a mission to solve this exact problem that so many small business owners face. And we’ve come up with a solution—we’ve taken the Duct Tape Marketing system that has now been installed in thousands of small businesses and turned it into a hybrid coaching and training program called the Certified  Marketing Manager Program. 

Want to get a glimpse of how this program can work for you? Schedule a free coaching session today.

Contact us today to see if the program is right for you:

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