Depending on the program you choose, we’ll have a different number of meetings during our work together.

To give you an idea of what our meetings involve, here is a sampl agenda for the 3 meetings for the Certified Marketing Manager Coaching Program. 

For the three meeting coaching program, we will hold a kick-off call, a mid-way presentation review and a final presentation. 

As the coach or rather Marketing Manager Mentor, I will lead the first call.  The final two calls should then be led by the student, presenting what they put together and receiving feedback and additional direction from me.

Meeting 1: Discovery and Onboarding 

Lead by Marketing Mentor: 

  • Introductions (if needed)
  • Coaching Program Overview and Expectations
  • Coaching Program Schedule Review
  • Demo of the Marketing Action Plan Course
    • The Marketing Action Plan Workbook 
    • The Marketing Action Plan Final Document 
    • An overview of the modules
    • A preview of a lesson 
    • A preview of a quiz
    • Q&A

Meeting 2: Mid-Way Presentation

Lead by Student: 

  • Review all completed worksheets as needed 
  • Present Marketing Action Plan up to Module 3:
    • Core Message 
    • Ideal Client Personas 
    • Brand Identify 

Meeting 3: Final Presentation 

Lead by Student:

  • Present the final Marketing Action Plan to Marketing Coach and Business Owner:
    • Core Message 
    • Ideal Client Personas 
    • Brand Identify 
    • Marketing Hourglass
    • Content Themes
    • Growth Priorities
    • Marketing Calendar 
    • Budget and Metrics

Sound good? Do you have any questions? Get in touch with me.

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