The saying goes “it takes a village…” the same can be said in getting a successful marketing manager into your company. There are many different roles and responsibilities as a professional is groomed to take over a marketing manager role.

Role of the Business Owner

  1. Working closely with the Marketing Consultant to:
    1. Develops your high-level business strategy
    2. Outline your long-term business growth goals
  2. Managing your internal marketing hire once they’ve completed the training
  3. Focusing on your business

Role of the Marketing Consultant

  1. Works with the business owner to develop the high-level marketing strategy
  2. Creates the marketing action plan for the business
  3. Acts as a strategic advisor while helping the business owner’s team to develop marketing skills
  4. Ensures projects are completed and the business owner is on track to hit their big goals
  5. Finds, hires, mentors & trains an in-house marketer
  6. Helps manage your In-House Marketer during the training period

Role of the In-House Marketer

  1. Completes the training program in the online portal
  2. Takes over the internal marketing efforts that work up to the overall strategy set by the business owner and the Marketing Consultant
  3. Follows the marketing action plan created by the Marketing Consultant
  4. Provides the business owner with day-to-day marketing reporting
  5. Reports directly to the business owner

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