Running a business is hard. Marketing a business is even harder. There’s always the latest and greatest tactics to conquer, a new platform to master, or budding trends to hop on quickly.

As a business owner, your plate is always full. It’s impossible to tackle everything on your own, and it’s necessary to delegate what you can. Most of the time marketing is one of those things that gets delegated. But too often, delegation becomes abdication—and this is the problem.

When you give up complete ownership of your marketing and hire other people to do the work, you limit your growth and your bottom line results.

You aren’t building yourself an internal, long-term asset—you’re just renting one.

Why you can’t abdicate your marketing

It’s common to delegate what you can as a small business owner. And marketing is one of those things that gets delegated most of the time. But when delegation becomes abdication—then you’ve got a problem.

Too often businesses have ‘someone looking after their marketing’. But when you look beneath the surface, it’s less about having someone running their marketing effectively and more about being a convenient opportunity for business owners to check the marketing box and turn their attention elsewhere.

When you’ve just abdicated and hired random people, you limit your bottom line results, and you aren’t building yourself a long-term asset—you’re just renting one.

Why business owners need to start owning marketing

There’s a time and place for having a consultant who is working with you at a higher level—but there’s a lot of things you need to build internally.

Business owners are often skeptical about someone coming in to help with their marketing—whether it’s in-house or even on a consultant basis—so much so they don’t hire marketing people for multiple reasons such as:

  1. They don’t see marketing as a priority—few business owners have a marketing background, and while great marketing can deliver, most don’t want to spend their time (or money) on it.
  2. They’ve been burned before—a lot of times small businesses have had a bad experience with a marketing guru of some sort or they’ve hired a marketing person who ‘knew’ how to manage social media, but didn’t have any broader direction when it comes to marketing strategy. (And that’s because there often isn’t a bigger strategy.)
  3. They can’t justify the cost—small businesses often have limited resources. Hiring is a commitment. It’s an upfront cost, and the ROI isn’t instantaneous. But your costs should pay for themselves quickly if you hire the right person.
  4. They don’t know how to hire or train the right person—business owners (usually) aren’t marketers. They often don’t know what to look for, where to find talent, or how to get someone up to speed successfully.

Our Solution: the Certified Marketing Manager program

Who is this program is for

  • Organizations who want to hire a marketing manager
  • Organizations who want to level up their current marketing manager
  • Organizations who are committed to personal development for their team
  • Even business owners who want more clarity and control over their own marketing

What you get out of the program

  • A one-on-one coaching relationship with a small business expert
  • Complete training and development for your marketing team
  • Access to a full online training portal for your team
  • A proven marketing system that evolves as you grow
  •  Tools, templates, and resources to help your team confidently build and execute a marketing action plan
  • The development of an internal asset who is a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Marketing Manager
  • No more marketing guesswork or wondering what your marketing team should do

Contact us today to see if the program is right for you:

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